For Symbiosis of Humanity and A.I.

A.I. will steal our jobs. A.I. is the enemy of humanity. So says the convential wisdom about A.I...but we like to think differently.

A.I. is in fact a partner to humanity, with the power to dramatically expand our own potential. That's why we strive to cultivate its usage among both businesses and lay people. By envisioning A.I. not as a foe but an ally, we hope to push both communities and individuals to their full abilities.

We are proud of achieving cutting-edge A.I. infrastructure at brand-name companies and research institutions, as well as our status as a Sony subsidiary. Please join us as we create the future of humanity and A.I.


Ryo Shimizu
President and CEO

Born in Niigata, Ryo Shimizu has traveled the world as a programmer. His passion for using A.I. to advance humanity led to the founding of Ghelia in 2017 along with Sony CSL and WiL LLC. He also serves as a researcher at the University of Tokyo's Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology. His many books include "Introduction to Programming for Education" (Chuokoron), "Understanding Artificial Intelligence" (Kadokawa), and "The Crazy Life of a Programmer" (Shobunsha).

Makoto Saito
Deputy President and COO

After entering Sony in 1991, Makoto Saito spent ten years as a semiconductor engineer before joining the team overseeing technological strategy. In 2012 he moved to Sony Computer Science Laboratories. He oversaw the creation of startups including Sony Global Education (2015) and Ghelia Inc. (2017), where he also manages business strategy.

Takeshi Suto
Executive Vice President, CFO

Over a diverse career in management and investment strategies at various Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed companies, Takeshi Suto oversaw the successful IPO of startups. In 2018 he joined Ghelia's business administration division. A member of the Board of Directors, he manages finance, budgeting, and economic strategy.

Tetsuro Masuda
Executive Vice President

Beginning in 2007, Tetsuro Masuda oversaw B2B solutions for Ubiquitous Entertainment, Inc. (now UEI Corporation). From 2010 he joined Togetter Inc. to oversee SNS and media operations. He was part of the NWS Project begun in 2014 that led to the creation of Ghelia, and has since assumed the role of Board Director.

Chairman, Board of External Directors

Hiroaki Kitano Ph.D.

KITANO is President and CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc., Senior Vice President of Sony Corporation, President of The Systems Biology Institute, and Professor at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University. He is also a Founding President of the RoboCup Federation, President of International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) (2009-2011) and Member of the AI & Robotics Council of World Economic Forum (2016-2018).

Gen Isayama
Executive Vice President

WiL,LLC General Partner & CEO

Masataka Matsumoto
Executive Vice President

WiL,LLC General Partner


Striving for "Symbiosis of Humanity and A.I.," Ghelia aims to create artificial intelligence that expands our innate human potential. Our goal is not merely to provide solutions to problems, but to craft A.I. that generates delight, wonder, and insight. Utilizing the latest in deep learning technology, we are committed to creating A.I. hardware and software that everyone can use and enjoy.
Ghelia Inc. was founded in June of 2017 by UEI Corporation, Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc, and WiL LLC.


Ghelia Inc.
June 30, 2017
Board Members
  • Ryo Shimizu,President and CEO
  • Makoto Saito,Deputy President and COO
  • Takeshi Suto,Executive Vice President, CFO
  • Tetsuro Masuda,Executive Vice President
  • External Director
  • Hiroaki Kitano Ph.D.,ChairmanPresident of Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc and director of the Systems Biology Institute
  • Gen Isayama,Executive Vice PresidentWiL,LLC General Partner & CEO
  • Masataka Matsumoto,Executive Vice PresidentWiL,LLC General Partner
Consulting, development, and implementation for A.I.-based software, systems, and hardware.
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